Curriculum Statement

Assessment for Parents 

Promoting British Values Statement

Class Timetables
Corfe timetable 2016-17  
Kimmeridge Class Timetable Autumn Term 2016-17 Timetable Durdle Door
Long and Medium Term Curriculum Plans
Year 1 topic web Spring 2016  Yellow Group Long Term Planning Literacy and Numeracy
Chesil RE longterm planning Green Group English LTP
science_overview_for_year_1_ Blue Group long term plan
science_overview_for_year_2 History-Geography 
Computing Long Term Plan 
KS2 Curriculum Objectives
Year 3 Autumn Maths

Year 3 Spring Maths

Year 3 Summer Maths 

Year 4 Autumn Maths

Year 4 Spring Maths

Year 4 Summer Maths

Year 5 Autumn Maths

Year 5 Spring Maths

Year 5 Summer Maths 

Year-6 Autumn Maths  

Year 6 Spring maths 

Year 6 Summer Maths 

Other Curriculum Information
KS1 phonics and reading schemes