Durdle Door


15.4.24 – Last term, Durdle Door made some PowerPoint presentations about the Maya civilisation for their topic. We have turned them into flip books so that you can see them for yourselves.

The Maya 1
The Maya 2
The Maya 3
The Maya 4
The Maya 5
The Maya 6

19.3.24 – Last week was Science Week. Each of the classes took part in some exciting activities over the course of the week. Durdle Door have been making DNA.

19.2.24 – In science, the children studied the digestive system, after drawing round a partner the children had to fill in the digestive system, label each organ and then add it’s role in the process.

19.2.24 – To introduce our new topic of the Mayans, we had a Mexico Day. Children came dressed in ponchos and sombreros to experience life in Mexico. They started the day using map skills to locate Mexico, it’s capital and the countries and oceans around it. 

They then looked at the Mayan maths system, which uses dots, line and shells to make numbers using base 20. This was very different to out modern days number systems.

Finally in the afternoon the class was split into groups and were tasked to make either tortillas, guacamole and salsa so they could indulge in their own enchiladas, Some children tried food they had never tasted before.

9.2.24 – As part of our work on teeth and how we care for them, the children tried to make their own toothpaste using bicarbonate of soda, salt, water and peppermint essence for that minty freshness. The results were…interesting to say the least. A little too much salt. I even got to try some.

9.23 Science – Melting Chocolate

12.7.23 – After only learning the ukulele since the beginning of this term, year 4 and 5 pupils, from our class, held a ukulele concert for their parents today.

10.5.23 – This is a very clever model of Twickenham stadium, made using fruit boxes. As you can see there is a great deal of detail inside. Well done!

2.5.23 – Durdle Door have adopted a red panda

We have been learning about endangered species and found that the red panda is critically endangered. As a class, we have adopted a red panda for a year.

We will be holding a range of events to raise money for this over the next half term.

Excellent homework!

21.2.23 – Congratulations to one of our students in Durdle Door who has won a prize in a young writers poetry competition. He received his certificate in assembly, and his poem is going to be published in a poetry anthology in April.

12.12.22 – Some amazing homework from Lexi N

30.11.22 – On Monday, we all took part in a fantastic Anglo Saxon workshop. We learnt about Anglo Saxon society and swore allegiance to a lord. We dressed in Anglo Saxon armour and learnt about how they fought. The children even got to hold real swords, spears and axes! At the end of the day, we learnt about ship burials and got to bury King Cameron.

22.11.22 – We have more independent work from one of our students about his favourite subject Formula 1.

17.11.22 – Below are two pieces of work, a presentation on birds of prey and a diary of a peregrine falcon, done by a year 4 pupil in our class just for fun!

12.10.22 – Below is a fantastic piece of writing by a year 4 pupil in Durdle Door. This was done as part of their homework project on the Anglo Saxons

27.9.22 – On Friday, we had a non-uniform day to raise money for Jeans for Genes. We found out about what our genes and did a science experiment to extract DNA from strawberries.

22-9.22 Have a look, below, at the homework done by Henry about Anglo Saxon foods.

14.6.22 – Pupils in Durdle Door have been bringing in some amazing homework in response the Mr Smith’s homework project. Below are some examples.

14.6.22 – On Tuesday 7th June, Durdle Door had a visit from the Bank of Dreams and Nightmares to help them with their story writing. This time, we wrote a story about a polar bear who had been affected by climate change. We all had a fantastic morning and have some great ideas for our new topic. Many thanks to the PTFA for funding this workshop.