Our Aims

One Education, Many Opportunities

At Parrett and Axe we firmly believe in “one education, many opportunities”. Our core values of respect, kindness, equality and courage run through the whole of our school community. From our children’s first moments with us in Reception, as they discover enthusiasm for learning, to their final days in Year 6, as they ready themselves for the next step in their education, all that we do at Parrett and Axe focuses on every child becoming the best that they can be; to truly fulfil their every potential. Well-being, happiness, success and collaboration are the cornerstones of excellence in learning and our core purpose.

“Love your neighbour as yourself ” (Luke 10 vs 27)

We are a Church of England School and are incredibly proud of our strong Christian ethos and we encourage our children to follow this commandment through our core values.

The aim for our school is to be a place where:

  • the Christian faith is at the centre of everything and will encompass all aspects of school life.
  • a school community is established based on faith and trust.
  • all people are equally valued, where everyone is kind, considerate and caring. 
  • children are happy to come to school to learn and reach their full potential.
  • children and adults work together in mutual respect. 
  • children respect their own and others’ property. 
  • children are encouraged to have pride in themselves, their work, their school and their local community.
  • children are encouraged to establish links with the wider community. 
  • relations between home and school are encouraged and appreciated.

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