20.1.23 – So far this term we have studied Isambard Kingdom Brunel and found out that he was an engineer on the Clifton Suspension bridge. This week the children combined their topic, science and design skills to make biscuit and cracker bridges in order to cross a small river. It got very messy but the team work and never give up attitude from all the children was plain to see. Have a look at our yummy creations. Please try this at home!

3.11.22 – As an introduction to diary writing the children were given parts of Samuel Pepys diary, which they had to literally piece together in order to then put the events in chronological order. They also learnt that his diary was a source of information for historians to study and that he was an eye-witness to the events that happened on September 2nd 1666. The children worked well in their groups and there was lots of discussion.

18.9.22 – This week, to wind down before the end of term the children are focusing on performance poetry. Today, in groups, the children had to recite the poem Zim, Zam, Zoom by James Carter. The emphasis was to speak with clarity and expression. Many found it nerve-wracking to stand up in front of the whole class but everyone did it! Stay tuned for examples of their own poems at the end of the week.

18.10.22 – To complete our Europe topic the children made healthy pizzas. There was a lot of maths – measuring, weighing and other skills on display including mixing, grating cheese and even using a knife (safely). We didn’t get them all in the oven to take them home straight away but the results look amazing. The children’s teamwork skills really shone through this afternoon.

9.22 – After learning about the need for, and creating a passport to travel around Europe and the world, the children of Chesil were invited to travel Europe in a day. They were met at the ‘gate’ where they had to show their passport and have their baggage checked. Once they had boarded the plane the children heard an announcement from the pilot (one Mr Copping), watched a safety video and then took off. As they ‘flew’ over the English Channel on the way to Paris, they had an inflight meal and watched some entertainment before landing.

Once in France they learnt about the physical and human features of the country, including what they ate, what sports they played, famous landmarks and even some simple French phrases. Then in pairs they made Eiffel Towers from straws. Then it was on to Spain!

In Spain they again looked at some landmarks and food. They also learnt how to count in Spanish. After that they tried some Flamenco dancing.

The final destination was Germany where they tried some different German food including; rye bread, bratwurst, German cheese, Pretzels and Bavarian ham. The bread did not go down too well!

9.22 – As part of our topic and linking to literacy, the children worked in pairs to create fact files on France, using what they had learnt in previous lessons. The first step was to create some subtitles and design the look of the posters. The children used pictures to accompany their writing. Then came the words. They needed to recall information about the different landmarks in Paris, the food they eat and other general facts about France. I hope you like their creations as much as we do!

1.6.2022 – Here are some lovely photos from our visit to the Fleet Air Arm Museum at Yeovilton.

20.1.22 – On Tuesday, Chesil class made some delicious fruit kebabs. They were learning about choosing a balanced diet in PSHE and many of the children tasted fruit that they had never tasted before. Watermelon was a particular success with some children bringing it in for snack the next day.