13.9.21 – Thank you all for providing baby photos of your children. To start our science unit on Ourselves the children were asked to try and guess who was in each photo. Some were quite easy, others were very tricky and a number of children weren’t able to recognise themselves but everyone had fun. The children then needed to try and identify what had changed or stayed the same, comparing baby photos with some taken this week as we investigate how the body changes and develops as we get older. 

1.6.12 – For this half term we have been learning two songs made popular during World War II. The first is ‘It’s Along Way to Tipperary’ and this was a definite favourite. It was used as an old marching song during both the first and second world war. The second is the ‘The White Cliffs of Dover’ by Vera Lynn. This proved much trickier but I am sure you will agree both sound great.

To end our World War II topic we had a street party. Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions, parents weren’t able to join in, as originally planned but the children had a great time. The food as you know was all based on wartime rationed ingredients. There was so much and such a variety. Thank you to all the parents that helped prepare, bake, and take time to provide everything. It really was a fantastic way to finish this topic!

30.11.20 – Last Friday we took part in a sponsored walk for an hour around the school field. The walk was to raise money for new iPads and despite the freezing cold weather great fun was had by all.

13.11.20 – Student of the Week

12.11.20 – Is It Windy Outside?
This term Chesil will be learning all about the weather. Today we made windsocks out of old bottles and decorated them. Once finished they will put up outside so we can always know the direction the wind is going.

10.11.20 The Great Fire Pieced Together
Today the children were fully fledged historians. Thanks to the London Museum we were ‘gifted’ pages from Samuel Pepys diary which had to be painstakingly restored by the class. Each child donned gloves and were equipped with tweezers in order to put the pages back together like a
jigsaw. They were very careful and are beginning to see how eyewitness accounts from past events inform us today. Great detective work Chesil.

October 2020 – Chesil Does Bake Off
To celebrate the end of our Europe topic, the children made pizza. They followed instructions; measuring and mixing different flour with yoghurt to make the base. While that was proving, they took turns to grate cheese and make a tomato sauce for the base. Once all the ingredients were ready they loaded up their creations. They came out good enough to eat and the classroom was covered in flour!

October 2020 – A picture tells a 1000 words
As part of our learning on Europe the children studied the paintings of Claud Monet the French painter. He enjoyed painting both his garden and different cityscapes. So the children had a go too.
First, they used their fingers to recreate a picture of Stonehenge, mixing greens and reds with a great degree of difficulty. This then followed the following day with a pastel drawing of the Parthenon in Greece. Some of
these were extremely good… even better than my attempt. The children begun to understand how to mix and blend colours and got very messy in the process.

Student of the week 16.10.20
Student of the week 2.10.20

6.10.20 – In Chesil on Monday we ‘travelled’ around Europe. In the morning the children had to check their bags in for the ‘flight’ and take their seats. They then took off for Paris. On the plane they watched a safety video, ate a snack while watching the inflight entertainment which the children found hilarious.  
Once we landed the children learnt about French culture and worked in groups to make Eiffel Towers out of straws. Then we flew off to Spain, where they found out about paella, the Royal family and had a go at counting to ten. The children then had a flamenco lesson.
Finally after lunch we went to Germany where we learnt a few German words and finally tried a selection of German food; freidkin, salami, bratwurst, smoked ham, pretzels, rye bread and then a spiced jam slice for pudding. Many of them tried and liked everything.
It was an amazing day and the children were fully engaged throughout.

Student of the week 25.9.20

10.9.20 – Chesil are now back in school. Over the next few weeks keep coming back and we will show you what we have been doing in school.

Chesil Class children have been doing lots of work at home while keeping safe. Take a look at the photos below to see what they have been up to. If you are a member of Chesil and have been working hard send us a picture so we can see what you have been doing.

12.2.20 – This has been an amazing topic and we wanted to share all the lovely art work the children have produced this term. The children started by making clay penguins of many shapes and sizes. We followed that up with posters for the different continents, where the children worked in pairs researching using books, and the internet. Then last week the focus was on the Northern Lights. The children used chalk and pastels to great effect. Finally they built igloos from marshmallows and managed not the eat the bricks.
Thank you to all that came to exhibition allowing the children to share their hard work with you. It was a great success and I look forward to the next!


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27.11.19 – On Monday Chesil and Corfe held the very first pop-up toy museum. Parents kindly donated some of their old toys, in some case over 60 years old, and allowed the children to experience toys from the
past. We had dolls, board games, a jack in the box and even two versions of Tracey Island, which proved very popular!
The children discussed the similarities and differences between them and the toys they have today.


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