Yr 5 Go Sailing

On Tuesday 18th June, Year 5 went to the Andrew Simpson Centre at the WPNSA in Portland.
They had a wonderful time in the sunshine learning new skills and taking part in many water borne activities.
They were split into 2 groups and experienced Kayaking, Giant Paddle Boarding and Sailing in 2/3 man boats.
They each undertook the different jobs in the sailing boats, including navigating, steering and the mast and sail control.
At the start of the morning some of our children were very nervous, but by the end of the fantastic day, they were all jumping into the sea and helping each other to climb back on the different craft, all safe in the knowledge that their life jackets and helmets kept them safe.

The sailing centre offers lots of different activities including day and half day activities for all children from the age of 5.
All the children came back tired but so proud of their new skills. A brilliant day in the sun- shine.

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