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8.10.18 Harold Godwinson is believed to have died after being shot in the eye with an arrow at the Battle of Hastings! We designed helmets that might have better protected him, whilst considering other important factors such as needing air holes, needing to be comfortable and needing to look intimidating to our enemies. We then created them using paper mache before painting them in dark, camouflaging colours.

25.9.19 Kimmeridge have been learning all about Kings and Queens. When Edward the Confessor died in 1066 he left no heirs, and there were many claimants desperate to take the throne. This resulted in many fierce battles. We went outside onto the field to recreate the Battle of Hastings between William of Normandy and Harold Godwinson! It was very gory and many soldiers died. It seemed like Harold was going to win when rumours spread that William had been defeated. However, in the end, Harold Godwinson was shot with an arrow through the eye and the very much alive William the Conqueror was victorious! 

19.9.19 May I start by saying what a fantastic start all of your children have made to the new academic year! I have loved my first few weeks in Kimmeridge Class and the children have been brilliant and made me feel very welcome.

24.6.19 Kimmeridge Yoga
This half term, Kimmeridge class have been practising Yoga and Mindfulness.
Take a look at some of the children’s favourite poses! 

To go with our research on the Ancient Egyptians, Kimmeridge have also made presentations in their ICT lessons. We have turned them into videos for you to see what we have learned.


This term Kimmeridge class have been learning all about Ancient Egypt!
So far we have:- Used Google maps and atlases to study the physical geography of Egypt- Researched the life of Tutankhamun using tablets, computers and non-fiction texts- Written an informative fact file about Tutankhamun using a range of different exciting sentence types- Completed an ‘archaeological dig’ to retrieve and make inferences about how Tutankhamun’s tomb was found- Began the process of mummifying our class tomatoes
Our next project will be to write an informative newspaper article about the day Tutankhamun’s body was found! So far the children have enjoyed interviewing the little boy who discovered the entrance, the famous archaeologist Howard Carter and very wealthy Lord Carnarvan.
Keep an eye out for our historical articles which will be published next week! 

Parrett and Axe in the Bridport News

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January 2019

Today has been a very exciting day in Kimmeridge because it is the start of our exciting, cultural topic about China!
Take a look through the gallery below to see a snap shot of some of the activities from our immersion day. Highlights include an early morning exercise lesson inspired by school in China, designing and making spring roles and writing a spring roll recipe.