6.11.23 – Kimmeridge have been learning all about the Battle of Hastings in 1066, and have found out from the Bayeux Tapestry that Harold Godwinson was shot in the arrow with an eye! They have been busy designing helmets that fulfilled the following criteria:
· protective material

· lightweight

· breathing holes

· eye holes

· intimidating

· comfortable

They then made them out of papier mache and painted them.

12.7.23 -Kimmeridge have been learning all about William Shapespeare’s The Tempest, and in our art lessons we have been studying different artists who have depicted storms. Here, the children are recreating ‘The Storm’ by Pierre-Auguste Cot. They planned their poses, then took it in turns to photograph each other. They then used to make their photos appear stormy.

25.4.22 – Mummification!

13.1.23 – We have been making electrical circuits.

15.12.22 – Kimmeridge have been learning about the Stone Age topic this half term. To finish off the topic, the children were put into groups and planned, scripted, resourced and performed Stone Age vlogs!

7.11.22 – As part of our Meet the Flintstones homework the children were asked to make a model of a cave at home. Below are some of the results.

5.4.22 – Over the past half term Kimmeridge have been practising our French and creating little movies using PowerPoint. First we each chose a topic, then we found some lovely pictures and music using Pixabay. After that we used Google translate to help us write and say the words in French which we then recorded. Finally we added the music and turned them into mp4 files. We hope you enjoy our hard work.

31.1.22 – This week in our topic ‘The World’s Kitchen’ we have been looking at one of our staple foods, rice. We discovered some of the many ways that we cook with it around the World. The children have also been looking  at how it is grown and processed. We also did some cooking of our own and made a vegetarian paella, using peppers, onion, carrots, corn, peas and tomatoes.’

8.3.22 – Kimmeridge’s new topic is The World Kitchen, and we started the topic by thinking about British food. We thought about what we eat on picnics, and what people would have eaten in the past. We had an Enid Blyton style picnic in the classroom, and made our own egg mayonnaise sandwiches as well as eating sardines, shortbread, and of course drinking lashings of ginger beer!

20.1.22 – One of our students made a lovely video giving tips on extreme survival.

17.1.22 –

On Tuesday, to support our topic ‘Extreme survival, Kimmeridge practised some important survival skills. They learnt how to safely make fire to cook and to keep us warm, how to make shelters and we toasted marshmallows to give us energy. Groups of children monitored the temperature using thermometers too. We were very impressed with how well everybody behaved and we all had a great time.

Kimmeridge students of the week for December 2021

19.11.21 – Everyone had a great time when Welsh high jump athlete, Robert Mitchel came into school as part of the Sports for Champions programme. We all had a go at lots of different exercises and listened to some very motivating stories.

18.11.21 – We had a lovely Tudor experience morning yesterday. The children tried writing with goose feather quills and all practised independent research using iPads.

We cooked delicious vegetable pottage, bread, pasties and gingerbread. A great homework project meant someone brought in delicious Tudor biscuits to share too.

We ended the day with a Tudor feast, listening to some traditional Tudor music.

If you are interested in cooking the Tudor recipes, they can be found below.

18.11.21 – As you can see from the gallery below, Kimmeridge are enjoying dance in PE with Mrs Harris this term