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Student of the week 11.12.20
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Student of the week 27.11.20

30.11.20 – Last Friday we took part in a sponsored walk for an hour around the school field. The walk was to raise money for new iPads and, despite the freezing cold weather and the foggy start, great fun was had by all.

Student of the week 20.11.20

17.11.20 – Last week, Lulworth discussed mental wellbeing and the importance of expressing their emotions and talking to someone about how they feel. Their task was to create an image using colours and shapes to represent their feelings and emotions.

They produced some fantastic images!

Parents, please feel free to discuss what the colours and shapes represent within their images and use the opportunity to understand more deeply your child’s mental health and wellbeing.

17.11.20 – Since the start of term, Mrs. Harris has been working with Lulworth to discover more about an inspirational figure from the black community.

Lulworth chose the truly inspirational Mary Seacole.

They have thoroughly enjoyed finding more out about her achievements and the impact she had on her local community despite the challenges that she faced throughout her life due to the colour of her skin.

Lulworth have produced a brilliant display and deeply engaged with the subject at hand in a mature, open and inclusive manner.

Student of the week 13.11.20

Student of the week 23.10.20

22.10.20 – Lulworth are half way through their Vikings topic and have recently designed and made their own Viking shields!
During a break in the rain, they managed to get out onto the playground and test them out. I am pleased to report that they were extremely effective with only a few dents and scrapes on the shields from the volleys of arrows (soft balls!). Well done!

Student of the week 16.10.20
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Student of the week 25.9.20

10.9.20 – Lulworth are now back in school. Over the next few weeks keep coming back and we will show you what we have been doing in school. Our Topic for this term is Rule Britannia.

Goodbye Year 6, we all wish you well for the future.

14.7.20 – Year 6 have been tree planting this week. The tree was donated by Yvonne Abbott, a friend of the school, and a plaque will be donated by the PTFA to remember the Lulworth Class of 2020 and all the challenges they have faced.

Lulworth working at home

This is where you can see some of the work done by our students at home. Below the gallery is a piece of descriptive writing done by Edward and some new and exciting tales, written by Rudi, based on Greek legends.

10.2.20 – Lulworth are studying Greece for their Topic during the Spring Term and have produced some amazing homework. Some pupils have created Ancient Greece inspired board games from scratch or even designed and made their own mythical creatures!


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6 January 2020 – Last term our year 6 children were learning how the internet works. They researched the information, created a presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint and then turned their presentations into movies.

25.11.19 – Lulworth have been learning about space and space travel/exploration since September. Today they researched the benefits and disadvantages of both less Economically Developed Countries and more Economically Developed Countries having space agencies. They then took part in a well structured debate with one side arguing for and the other arguing against space travel. Some concluded that we should always explore our horizons, push our boundaries and endeavour to discover more about our universe. Others decided that, particularly for LEDCs, the money spent on rockets may be better used to tackle homelessness, provide a quality education for all children or, perhaps, provide safe drinking water for all.
The intense debate lasted for nearly an hour with all pupils taking part using excellent debating skills and convincing, passionate arguments.


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