Yr 5 Go Sailing

22.6.22 – Yesterday, Year 5, staff and helpers set off at 8-30am for the WOEC centre in Weymouth.

After a safety briefing, the children got into wet-suits, helmets and buoyancy vests before being transported to the sailing area. The children were in fun boats in groups of 2 or 3 and towed out around the pier by the rib boat. They were shown how to put up the sail and steer. They all had a fantastic time sailing around in the calm waters of Weymouth. At the end of the session, they were all allowed to jump into the sea if they wished which involved much laughter and splashing.

After returning to the centre, the children showered and changed then ate their lunches. They then took part in centre based activities including: wall climbing around the hall, then rock climbing outside in harnesses where all the children learnt about the ropes and safety aspects and how to operate the ropes. Back inside, the children tried out the tunnels having to follow animal trails with their head torches on and again supporting and encouraging their friends. After this, we went back into the main hall and tried the high steep walls in harnesses. Lots of our wonderful children climbed the walls and learnt how to abseil down safely.

The coach journey back was much quieter with lots of them sleeping after such a busy, fun-filled day.

I am so delighted that so many of them faced things they had never done before and conquered so many fears.

A brilliant day for us all.    

To see photographs of the day click here

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