We have gone ‘Spring Mad’ in Corfe.  We have got some tadpoles that we are watching closely and we also had a very special guest this week. Harris’ mummy brought us in some eggs that we are going to try and hatch into chicks. She told us all about the special machine called an ‘incubator’ that she keeps them in.  This does the job of a mummy hen, keeping the eggs warm and then rocking them every 45 minutes to make sure the growing chicks can get to the air they need. 

We each put an egg into the incubator. She told us it will take 21 days for the eggs to hatch. She has taken them to their house to look after them.  Hopefully she will be able to bring some baby chicks into the class for us to look after for a little while after they hatch.

They will be in a brooder which will help to keep them warm. Watch this space!!!!


Today we had fun in the snow!


Corfe and Chesil had so much fun working today.  They have all made very interesting and creative instruments, had a go at reading music and being in an orchestra – some of them even became conductors!!!  They also had a great time exploring the musical instruments and creating some super paintings whilst listening to a piece of music.   Fantastic – if a little loud at times!!!!!

We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures and hearing all about it!!


The children had a fabulous time completing their Welly Walk today.  Thank you all for your fantastic contributions. Sponsor money is due in by the end of next week (Friday 23rd November).  This will give us plenty of time to order and use our new resources.  

We have also had a great time getting ready for the Teddy Bear’s Picnic.  We made sandwiches for our teddies and some us even made beds and houses to keep our teddies safe.  What a busy day we have had….let’s hope we all sleep well tonight – I know I will!!!


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19.9.18 – Phonics morning

18.7.18 Our trip to the farm


17.7.18 A tractor came to visit school


We had some small visitors to our classroom recently.  Take a look at some photos of the Insect and Reptile Show that our PTFA kindly funded for us.