Kimmeridge students of the week for December 2021

18.11.21 – We had a lovely Tudor experience morning yesterday. The children tried writing with goose feather quills and all practised independent research using iPads.

We cooked delicious vegetable pottage, bread, pasties and gingerbread. A great homework project meant someone brought in delicious Tudor biscuits to share too.

We ended the day with a Tudor feast, listening to some traditional Tudor music.

If you are interested in cooking the Tudor recipes, they can be found below.

18.11.21 – As you can see from the gallery below, Kimmeridge are enjoying dance in PE with Mrs Harris this term

Kimmeridge student of the week 5.11.21
Kimmeridge Student of the week 1.10.21

15.7.21 – The children enjoyed their visit to the museum so much that they wrote some lovely thank you letters in their literacy lessons.

12.7.21 – We had a fabulous time at the Tutankhamun Exhibition in Dorchester last Thursday. There was so much to see and we learnt a lot. After the exhibition we spent some time at Maiden Castle where we had our lunch.

23.6.21 – In Science, we have been learning about how electrical circuits work and have used batteries, wires, light bulbs and motors to make their own circuits. Ahead of making their own working models, everybody experimented with making on and off switches, using cardboard and paper clips.  The next stage will be to put their circuits into their models. 

22.6.21- As part of our ‘Tomb Raiders’ topic, Mrs Quinn and Mrs Stott set up a shadow screen and proceeded to ‘mummify’ children from Kimmeridge class! We then all wrote instructions to explain the process. The next day, Kimmeridge made up their own mini plays. Everyone had to practise the different stages they’d learnt about and had to speak and take turns very confidently! Here are the results…

17.5.21 – We have been learning about how Tutankhamun’s tomb was discovered and have been finding out about some of the different things which were found inside his tomb. It was fun designing and making our own ancient Egyptian style collars. 

17.5.21 – In Kimmeridge we have been making the most of the sunny days to take our learning outside. We used books to help us to order some important events which happened in ancient Egypt.

1.4.21 – Kimmeridge have been busy making Chinese dragons from clay. Take a look at our results.

2.3.21 – Take a look at the photos from our China day.

26.1.21 – We went on a bug hunt in Science. Take a look at what we found.

26.1.21 – The children of Kimmeridge were out in the grounds today and were amazed at the beautiful pieces of ice they found.

20.1.21 – Kimmeridge class have been having fun in Forest School over a couple of sessions.

 In the first session some of the children learnt how to light a fire with a flint and steel.  Or made beads by removing the pith from the twig of an elder and scoring patterns into the bark. Others had a go at building dens .In our second session (it was raining) we used the outdoor classroom as a base and while some intrepid children went off to build a den in the rain, the others stayed under cover and made ‘tree stars’ or animals out of clay. 

13.1.21 – In Kimmeridge class, we have been having a very interesting time learning about China.
On Tuesday we had a China day. We started in the morning bowing to our teachers – this is a sign of respect in China and something that happens in schools there. We listened to Chinese music throughout the day. Later in the morning we all joined in with preparing lots of ingredients to cook spring rolls and to stir fry noodles. We all tried sushi and Chinese dumplings too. The garlic, ginger and Chinese spices smelt very strong. Everyone had a go at using chopsticks and we all had a fortune cookie and red forest fruits juice to drink.
It was fun trying to write our names in Chinese. This took a lot of practise and patience.
In the afternoon, we made fish kites using willow and tissue paper to make them – they are nice and light and colourful.’