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Kimmeridge Weekly Timetable Year 3 China Overview
POWer Project – China Spellings
In support of centenary commemorations across the country, Kimmeridge class have been learning about the Great War. On Wednesday 21st November, Kimmeridge class replaced their red uniform for 1910s costume as they experienced what it might have been to be a wartime evacuee. After completing a history fact finding mission in the morning, the children completed a range of hands on practical activities such as cooking, knitting and gardening in the school allotment. The children had a fantastic day and thoroughly enjoyed sharing stories about family members who were part of the war effort.   
Kimmeridge class held their own remembrance ceremony this week. 
The children read a range of war time poems and some even wrote very poignant passages to remember those who lost their lives in the war. 
Lest we forget. 
The children have been making art for our Remembrance Service
18.10.18 Growth Mindset 
One of our focuses this term has been to develop a growth mindset attitude to our learning. During our growth mindset lessons, the children have been specially learning about to effectively collaborate, empathise, listen and persevere.
It is fantastic to hear so many children using the power of ‘yet’ in their everyday learning language.
Take a look through the below gallery of our growth mindset garden and growth mindset brains made out of salt dough. 

9.10.18  Welcome to Kimmeridge class 2018-2019

What a fantastic half term we have had in Kimmeridge.  I am so impressed by how well the children have settled into their new learning routines and I have seen some excellent examples of creative thinking.

The homework produced this term has been superb and I am so thrilled by how much the children have thrown themselves into their Stone Age topic. It is also lovely to see the children taking on board their positive growth mindset lessons and using this language when they feel their learning is tricky.

Please take a look at the gallery below to catch a glimpse of the impressive learning we have been doing in class.

July 2018
Our Natural World
There has been lots of singing, dancing and acting in Kimmeridge class this term as we have been rehearsing our class performance of Our Natural World.
A story about the environment told by song and dance, the performance of Our Natural world highlighted key environmental issues surrounding the impact of plastic on our oceans and the palm oil industry.
The children’s performance was absolutely superb, with our final dance to the circle of life bringing tears to the eyes of some parents. 
I am confident we have future dancers and actors in our class. Keep up the hard work. You made Miss Humphries very proud. 


Take a look at the pictures from our end of summer trip to Lyme Regis. The children had a fantastic time visiting the Lyme Regis Museum and were later taken on a guided fossil hunt along the shoreline!
The children loved finding fossils and could not believe they were from the Jurrasic era!


Well done to all of the Year 4s who have just completed their first residential trip to Bristol and Cardiff!  Miss Humphries was very impressed by how the Year 4s embraced being away from home and it was great to see such lovely team work. 
Take a look through our exciting gallery of pictures. Can you spot some of the following attractions we visited?
A virtual trip to the Taj Mahal
What a busy week it has been in Kimmeridge class! The children have thrown themselves into the Indian topic and have been asking some fantastic questions about Indian culture!
In our computing and English lessons, the children have been learning how to use Google’s search engine to research facts about the Taj Mahal for their non-chronological reports! We also took a virtual trip to the Taj Mahal using YouTube. 
Well done Kimmeridge class!
In our recent Design and Technology lesson’s the children have been making their own Roman armour. During the design and make process the children put lots of thought into how they would make sure that their armour would be functional during battle! 
Well done to children from Kimmeridge class who represented us in the Colmers Cup! What a fantastic achievement it is to win a football  tournament. 
Well done to this term’s homework winners! I am so impressed by your Roman themed homework. Keep up the hard work Kimmeridge!
Welcome back to Kimmeridge class! I hope you all had a fun Easter break! Pack your bags and dig out your passports because this term we will be taking an overseas learning trip to the beautiful, vibrant country, India. 
It is going to be an exciting topic that will inspire your learning across all of our curriculum subjects. 
To support your learning in school, I have set you a new homework challenge with an Indian theme. You have six weeks to choose and complete projects from your Indian homework passport. 
Enjoy your learning! 

Kimmeridge class have been learning all about the functions of our teeth and what we can do to care for our teeth. 

Take a look at our fantastic, annotated models. 

Monday was a very memorable day for all children in Kimmeridge as we learnt all about the digestive system! The children used a range of everyday cooking equipment to model key parts of the digestive system. Not all of the children were impressed by what a partly digested cracker and banana looks like in the stomach! Their favourite part had to be when the waste left the large intestine. 
Take a look at the  abstracts masks designed by Kimmeridge class. The children have worked hard to design and make their masks using paper mache, poster paint and wool. 

Retelling the myth of Perseus and Pegasus  

 Today Yellow Group began their new, exciting creating writing module, myths and legends.
To inspire and support writing across the classroom, the children have been learning the myth of Perseus and Pegasus using the hand actions coined by Pie Corbett. The children absolutely loved this dynamic, talked base approach to learning. 
In the gallery below, you can see how the children have also created their own fantastic hand actions. 
On the last Thursday of half term, parents and carers of Kimmeridge class joined us  for an parent-child open morning.
The event was a brilliant success and the children were thrilled by the number of visitors viewing their work. 
It was also a great opportunity for us to discuss how we can make spelling practise fun. It was lovely seeing everyone get involved in the carousel of spelling activities. 
The children have been working very hard on their ‘exciting sentences’ by Alan Pete. The sentences the children were focussing on are: 
– 2A sentences (adjective, adjective noun)
– 3A sentences (adjective, adjective and adjective)
– Broken sentences (3 adjectives, each followed by a full stop)
as well as using new pieces of punctuation such as colons and inverted commas.


In our science, lesson Kimmeridge identified the organs of the human circulatory system and were able to describe the functions of the heart, blood vessels and blood.

The children did a brilliant job of labelling and explaining the circulatory system of on our class model, Charlie.

I was very impressed by the class’ use of scientific vocabulary to explain why the human body needs water, oxygen and nutrients to stay alive. 

Keywords discussed included: Oxygen (O2), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), arteries, veins, red blood cells, white blood cells, water and nutrients. 

The Romans have come to Parrett and Axe and our classroom has been transformed into an ancient Roman fort!
Our class topic this term is The Romans and I am already very impressed with the children’s subject knowledge about this exciting time in History! This week the children will be meeting our class soldier who is guided us through this fun and sometimes gruesome topic, Rhaegar son of Romulus! 
Take a look at some of the fantastic Roman inspired D&T projects that the children have been completing as part of their homework! We have also been designing Roman mosaics on the our Amazon Kindle’s… just wait until you have seen the finished products!
In this lesson, the children were given the task of designing a healthy snack for Goldilocks. 
The children initially designed their product and described it using a range of exciting expanded noun phrase sentences.  Following this the children made and then edited their original design. 
Next week, the children will be formal write a recipe which will provide Goldilocks with the instructions to make her own healthy snack.