In Geography we have been  drawing sketch maps of EYFS playing area
As part of our new English topic, Firework Poetry, the children created calligram firework poems using onomatopoeia words only.


Yellow group have been formally introduced to exchanging. Following the C-P-A model, the children worked together to use concrete objects to represent the addition question and complete the relevant exchanges.


In Yellow group we have been learning about persuasive writing.  This week the children wrote their own debate script and performed this in front of their peers.  Debate topic:  Visit Dorset vs. Visit Italy. 

Here is a gallery of the hard work we have been doing in Kimmeridge this half term!


We were investigating the durability of rocks (chalk, blue lias, granite, marble, sandstone) focusing on our fair testing and observation skills. This links to our fossils and rocks topic. 

Here are some pictures from Kimmeridge’s science experiment for our science topic Rocks, Fossils and Soils. We used grated white and dark chocolate to model the rock cycle. In the images you will see how we made sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks. 

We have made some landmarks of the British Isles as part of our Geography topic homework.  See if you can recognise some of them.