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Daily things you could be doing

In Reception and into Year 1 our main focus is on active learning, learning by doing in a fun context where children practise their skills to use in everyday activities, such as working out how many sets of cutlery needed to set the table or writing a letter or card to send to a friend, grandparent etc.

Ideas for the types of activities we suggest doing each day

Some kind of active/physical exercise. If you are lucky enough to have outside space in the garden, playing catch, football, or setting up an assault course etc. Alternatively, inside you could play games with
balloons such as catch or ‘don’t let the balloon drop’ or dome some
balancing/stretching/yoga type activities or simply get some good music on and have a dance!

A phonics type of activity or game (this could include running through sounds and tricky words your child has learnt so far).

Some kind of maths and English activity (please see your child’s individual learning resource document).

Individual reading or looking at word cards or some kind of word game, possibly from one of the websites mentioned below

Some kind of creative or imaginative activity such as cooking, painting or making some kind of model with construction.

Online Resources

Phonics Play go to and follow instructions at the top of the page to log on.

Discovery Espresso go to and use username: student11019 and password: mosterton to log on

Active kids do better no log on is required.

Teach your monster to read go to website and create a free account.

Rising Stars Online Resource

As a school we recently bought a subscription to ‘Rising Stars’ online library. It is the same company that we recently bought some new reading books from. The library gives you access to reading books, quizzes and activities linked to each story and each story can also be read aloud. At Parrett and Axe, we have ensured that all Reception and KS1 children can have access to the online library over the next few months.

Please see your child’s individual learning resource document for your individual log in details.

Please ensure you read the books within the colour band that they are currently reading. All of our children are using books within the Rocket Phonics section. Please refrain from moving on to the next colour band level until we have had a discussion about it with you.

Reading is a really important part of your child’s learning and pretty much underpins every other area of the curriculum so continuing to build their reading skills is vitally important.|259b55ad-b4c0-4bd6-acf9-fcb01850f388&cid=364991&ed=2020-04-17T19:15:50&ub=0&to=3571734&ke=B6DC15BC62BCE5B07225D95925AA5EFB&sa=jmJtncniRe8NnTGGlgYVtzivnbAoEL&mp=1 and use individual log on provided (please see your child’s individual learning resource document). You may have to bear with us while we get this set up.

Tapestry Online

We are lucky in reception to have this online resource already set up so you can upload photos, videos or observations of activities that your child is taking part in at home. Just like Year 1 parents you are also more than welcome to email us directly with any photos or activities your child has competed at home. If you would like to keep anything together in a book/pack ready to show us when we return to school we would love to see it.

Exercise books

Each child will be provided with a ‘busy book’ to use at home. This is an exercise book for you to encourage your child to use to do any drawings and/or writing. All the writing we do is emergent which means we are just ‘having a go’ at sounding out the words to write. Recently we have been talking more in reception about finger spaces, full stops and capital letters at the beginning of sentences and making sure we can read back what we have written. A number exercise book will also be provided for children to use to practise writing or ordering numbers as well as completing activities such as those you find on the Twinkl website. If you do not have a printer, you may like to copy some of the activities from websites such as these into the book for your child to complete.

Reading books

As well as access to books through online resources such as Rising Stars your child will also be bringing home extra reading books.

Home learning printed pack

You will all be provided with some printed copies of activities you can do with your child at home. At the moment this will not be an extensive supply but just a few to use alongside the other resources we have discussed. You will need to work at these activities with your child, the activity will need explaining and they may need support in completing them. The focus is on the process of learning (having a go, making mistakes and talking about them) not just in getting to the ‘right answer’.

List of EYFS and Year 1 objectives

We have also provided in your child’s pack a copy of the curriculum relevant to their age and/or level of development.

Our Class Timetable

Just in case you want to follow the structure of the day as we do at school we have also provided a copy of the school timetable your child follows at present in the class.