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Week beginning 30.3.20

English Yr 1 and 2

Please plan and write your own Supertato adventure. What will the Evil Pea do this time? Use the planning sheet in the pack to plan your story, then have a go at writing it in your green book. I have also included a toolkit so the children remember what we have been working on. Send a picture when you are done so I can read it. Dojo Points are available!

Reading Yr 1 and 2

Please continue the books that came home last week. I have also set your child up with two books on Rising Stars. Please see last week’s pack for login details.


Yr 1

Monday: look at the tricky words and play pairs with them. Then can they write a sentence for each word in their green book.

Tuesday: Read the sentences in the download below and underline any words containing ai, ay or a-e.

Wednesday: alternative spellings for ai see below

Thursday: pick a book from home and make a list of all the ai ay and a-e words you can find on the sheet below. Then see if you can add your own.

Friday: In your green book write sentences for the words from the last 2 days. Remember your punctuation and try an make your sentences more interesting by adding adjectives or conjunctions.

Yr 2

Look at the adding –ed PowerPoint and work through the resources during the week. Start with 1 star sheets, then 2 start and 3 star sheets for a challenge.


Yr 1

Monday: Look at the lesson then complete the caterpillar sheet in pack

Tuesday: language of length sheet

Wednesday: Measuring length sheet

Thursday: Look at second lesson then, using ruler in the pack, measure the objects

Friday: Measuring challenge with your fingers


Monday: Look at the lesson then complete the caterpillar sheet in pack

Tuesday: Chocolate bar measuring. 1 star and 2 star sheets

Wednesday: Shape drawing and measuring

Thursday/ Friday: Measure challenge cards. How many can you do?

PE Yr 1 and 2

Joe Wicks PE lessons (I’ve been doing this all last week), a walk or just playing in the garden.

Art Yr 1 and 2

Make an Easter card for a family member. Challenge: Look out the window and draw what you can see. Take a photo to compare.


Yr 1

Make a list of the plants in your garden or around the house. Have a go at drawing them to and if you want find out something about them on the internet.

Yr 2

You should all have your broad beans. Please use the diary over the coming weeks to track what happens

Topic Yr 1 and 2

Please find out when the authors were born and place them on a timeline

PSHE Yr 1 and 2

Using your parents phone, record a message for a friend and send it to them. Remember it is good to stay in touch with your friends at this time.

If you finish all of this you can always use the websites from last week such as topmarks, mathletics and ictgames. Remember to have fun; play games and enjoy the sunshine.

Online Resources

If you have access to a printer there is always twinkl where you can have a month’s free access by going to  and using the code UKTWINKLHELPS to set up an account.

Discovery Education (Espresso) is also offering free home access to their superb resources. Log in at and click login   Username student11019 Password mosterton

For those children using Lexia they will already have a login.  For access at home go to   It will prompt you to input a teacher’s email address the first time the visit the website/app this is then use your child’s username and login.

Top Marks Maths for all sorts of maths activities

Mathletics use your child’s login

Any questions, work, photos please feel free to email me