Prayer Spaces in school

Once again the Beaminster Area Team Prayer Spaces Team led by Rev. Jo Neary were welcomed into Parrett & Axe and the children were very responsive to this years theme entitled Change. A series of activities around this theme enabled the children to question their ideas. 
Many made a key ring by threading 3 beads onto it which represented God as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Some Year 6 children remembered learning about the Trinity in their RE lessons.
3 bubble machines, where the colours were constantly changing and which contained moving plastic fish, gave the opportunity for some quiet reflection as did the labyrinth puzzles and the variety of books on offer.
Interesting responses were made on post-it’s after they had studied themselves in the mirror and had to say what they saw. This also led on to them making comments about what they thought God looked like
They also had the opportunity to write down what changes they would like to see made in the world and what changes they hoped God would make.
As ever, the sand tray, where they wrote down in the sand something they had done wrong today and then wiped it clean, proved to be very popular.

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