Prayer Space Photos

Here are some photographs from last Thursday’s Prayer Space day.

The theme for this years Prayer Spaces in Schools day was Moving on and the different activities reflected this.

  • Blowing paint to create fireworks as a celebration of what we have achieved.
  • Writing our hopes and fears for the future on luggage labels and attaching them to Paddington or his suitcase.
  • Plaiting a friendship bracelet to remind us of the importance of our friends.
  • Placing a tea light on a different country of the world thinking about problems that country has faced.
  • Spending time in the quiet space of the tent reflecting on stories from the Bible.
  • Writing something we are sorry for in the sand and then rubbing it out to show God forgives us.
  • Placing a Vitamin C tablet in the water and watching it dissolve as we say sorry for something we have done.

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